Elevate Lab

Elevate Lab is our in-house software team that is specifically designed and catered for our students from Software Apprenticeship track. The Lab provides a safe space for our apprentices to train on the job and apply the knowledge and skills they learn from our Full Stack Software Development programme.

Elevate Lab accepts contract projects from NGOs to help solve community challenges or social entrepreneurs with impact-driven technology & innovative solutions for their beneficiaries.

For social entrepreneurs & non-profit organisations

  • You save time, money and resources on finding tech talents by partnering with Elevate Academy of Technology & Innovation to build your MVP solutions.
  • Elevate's in-house tech professionals supervise and project-manage the development as well as providing consultation to maintain consistent project quality.
  • Technology solutions become affordable and accessible to the early stage social entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations.

For students

  • Apprentices get to apply the tech skills they learn and experience the process of software development life cycle from start to finish. This helps to jumpstart their software engineering career.
  • Apprentices receive guidance from Elevate's tech team who are often experienced in project management and software development.
  • Apprentices learn the soft skills they need to succeed such as project and time management, how to interact and work in a team, critical and logical thinking as well as the ability to adapt and respond to unforeseen challenges.